Changing The Conversation Together reconnects Americans with our democracy.  Through “deep canvassing”—a highly personal, highly effective method—we help people understand why voting matters, and how to overcome any obstacles.

Too many Americans feel disconnected from democracy, unconvinced that their voice or vote matters.  Modern political discourse—dominated by negative ads, hot takes, and predigested talking points—often just drives people further apart.

Deep canvassing is different. Our volunteers approach voters personally, with respect. We offer stories from our lives, and elicit stories from the voter’s life.  In unhurried conversations, we connect over shared concerns and feelings.

And deep canvassing works. Research studies confirm it as one of the most effective forms of voter engagement ever measured.  In 2020, many of us used this technique successfully to boost voter turnout in North Philadelphia, especially among those who had previously not voted

That’s why we’re launching CTC Inc.—to meet the challenge of engaging unlikely voters. We are building a corps of deep canvassers who can help grow a more compassionate, more inclusive electorate. With a commitment to training, outreach, experimentation, and evaluation, we believe deep canvassing can revitalize our nation’s promise.

Please  join and support our work to make American democracy more compassionate, more inclusive, and more personal.  

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A non profit reconnecting Americans with our democracy through deep canvassing.

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A social welfare organization, strengthening democracy and organizing tor justice, through authentic conversations.